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House of Gables

Single Family Dwelling + ADU

Los Angeles, CA

Our office has crafted a residence that harmonizes the client’s lifestyle aspirations, intertwining functionality with sophistication. Envisioning a dwelling where the cultivation of fresh produce and the nurturing of chickens coexist seamlessly with the ritual of surfing at nearby Venice Beach and daily pool immersions, our design optimized outdoor space preservation while integrating indoor-outdoor connectivity through strategic deck installations.


The clients' wish list extended to encompass panoramic vistas of the Santa Monica mountains from a rooftop perch, direct access from the main bedroom to the verdant grounds below, provision of an accessory dwelling for their grandparents, a tranquil yoga studio, and even a separate shower dedicated to their canine companion. Moreover, they envisioned a living area effortlessly melding with an expansive patio, facilitating convivial gatherings and craft nights with friends. Notably, the synthesis of these requirements fostered the emergence of distinctive spaces, such as the vaulted skylight-adorned mudroom and the rooftop landing repurposed as a home office boasting sweeping mountain views.


Amidst the complex dance between client desires and external constraints, our design narrative was conscientiously shaped to navigate the intricacies of suburbia while avoiding the excesses often associated with real estate development. Responding to community concerns and municipal guidelines, our approach was guided by a commitment to balance functional efficiency with aesthetic refinement. The deployment of gable roof forms served as both a response to regulatory imperatives and a design motif, culminating in a harmonious fusion of form and function.


Our architectural intervention refrains from indulging in ostentation, favoring understated elegance. Adhering to sustainable principles, the residence embraces resource-conscious practices, from its modest footprint to its reliance on solar energy, zero gas burning appliances and rainwater harvesting. Employing durable, eco-friendly materials ensures longevity while minimizing maintenance demands, thus embodying a commitment to environmental stewardship.


In essence, our project design transcends the mundane, redefining suburban living through an ethos of conscientious minimalism and sustainable innovation. By embracing restraint without sacrificing functionality or aesthetic allure, our architectural intervention exemplifies the art of mindful design, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with both inhabitants and environment alike.

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